Olitaliano: la filiera tracciata di Unasco

Track your packaging lot

Do you want to find out the history of your olive oil bottle?
Enter the numerical code you find on the label of your bottle/can or on the collar of the bottle to get all information you need.

Traceability of our oils is the way to keep satisfied your need for transparency and food safety.

This is our distinguishing mark. Using the traceability method on both sides gives each of us reciprocal opportunity to bring closer two worlds, production and consumption.

Traceability of UNASCO system is an instrument which enables you to make informed choices when bying and consuming products.

UNASCO traces fundamental phases of italian extra virgin olive oil production, takes care of all details that determine the quality of olive oil and table olives and offers the answers and information that you can verify on your own. The history that starts from the bottle and the history beginning with the tree is the same one. The quality unites us.